Paglierani Srl

Sector: Filling and Discharge Systems


Since 1926 Paglierani designs, produces and assembles weighing, bagging, palletizing and wrapping machines with totally Italian “Savoir-faire”.

Designed and Manufactured in Italy, Paglierani Big Bag filling machines and stations are suitable for weighing and bagging large dimensions bags more easily and effectively and, according to our phylosophy, with excellent performances thanks to the modularity and the combination of the different components to optimize production rates and minimize investement costs.

+ Modular construction
+ Integrated weighing
+ Ergonomic
+ Sturdy and built for aggressive environments
+ Compliant with international safety regulations
+ Italian Made design and manufacturing

via Santarcangiolese, 5
47824 Poggio Torriana 
RIMINI - Italy
tel. +39 0541 31 11 11

Paglierani Srl

Via Santarcangiolese 5 47824 Poggio Torriana (Rimini)\/en\/

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