Double filling installation for cattle feed

Double filling installation for cattle feed

TBMA Europe, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, has completed a twin bulk-bag filling rig for a manufacturer of high-quality cattle feed. The installation fills up to 30 bags per hour, and can be operated by one person. Two filling lines were chosen in order to prevent product contamination. Product is fed to the filling machines from storage hoppers by horizontal screw conveyors. The rotational speed of the conveyors can be adjusted to provide accurate dosing during the weighing cycle. Both bag fillers are equipped with a fixed position filling head, a weighing system and a vibrating table, which is mounted on a lifting platform. Owing to the fixed position of the filling head and the stepless lifting/lowering device, all operator functions are performed at an ergonomic working height. The two rear bulk bag supports are mounted on linear cylinders, a design feature which allows them to travers to the front of the machine to facilitate suspension of the bag loops. Prior to filling, an integrated fan blows the folded bag into shape.

During the filling cycle, a pallet is automatically transferred from the pallet dispenser. The filled bag and its pallet are transferred from the shuttle conveyor to the next available position on the accumulator conveyors. By this method time losses are minimised, which allows each filling line to produce 15 bulk bags of 1000kg per hour. 

Fig A
TBMA Europe’s twin FIBC filling rig

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