FIBCs discharged dustfree via a buffer tank

FIBCs discharged dustfree via a buffer tank

Geroldinger, Sigharting, Austria, at the beginning of 2015 reported that it had developed a low-dust-emission bulk bag dosing system whereby bags are completely emptied in a buffer tank. Buffer volumes can vary between two and five cubic metres, depending on customer requirements. While the content is completely emptied and immediately processed, the next bulk bag can be emptied without loss of time.
With a throughput of up to 10 bulk bags per hour, continuous processing can be ensured even with a small workforce. Dustfree emptying is guaranteed even with fine powders.
The bulk bags can be easily handled by forklift or other lifting equipment. A fixed crane is not required because the big bags do not need to be suspended while their contents are emptied. If high dosing accuracy (+/- 1%) is required, load cells can be installed. For materials with particularly difficult flowing characteristics (hygroscopic, cohesive, adhesive) a special liner technology is used.

Fig E

Geroldinger’s bulk bag dosing system

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