Seed packaging at Limagrain

Seed packaging at Limagrain

Game Engineering, Witham St Hughs, UK, has recently installed two FIBC packing lines and a smaller 25kg bag packing line at nearby plant breeder and seed producer Limagrain, located in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. The process starts with the delivery by truck of different species of seed which is put into vertical storage. From the storage bins, seed is transferred to the cleaning machines for cleansing and grading. Once this is complete, the seeds are sent to other bins prior to packing. At this point, some of the seed is diverted to a ‘clean only’ packing line while the remaining will be coated with seed treatments such as fungicides and insecticides as an environmental measure to reduce the amount of pest spraying.

To ensure that there is no cross-contamination between the different types of seeds, conveyors that are easy to clean were chosen to transfer the clean seed to final packing. Cleaned and coated seeds are then packed in FIBCs ranging from 250kg to 1000kg capacity. Also, there is a small bag packing line where 25kg bags are packed with seed and palletised ready for shipment.

Fig E


Inside Limagrain’s seed bagging warehouse

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